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How to Find a Bail Bond Company in Denver?

You got that dreaded call – a friend or a loved one has been put in jail,and he/she is asking you to bail them out. The judge has set bail, and the amount is something that you don’t have at the moment. Your best solution is to find a Denver bail bond company to help your loved one out of a difficult situation.
Bailing someone out of jail can be a stressful process. You need to get your loved one out fast, and the only solution is to find a bail bonds company in Denver, Colorado.  Getting one is not as simple as talking to the person lurking like a vulture outside the sheriff’s office. Most of these people are doubtable; talking to them is like setting yourself and your loved one out for more problems down the road.You need a reputable company that will give you express bail bonds that is legitimate and problem free. Here’s how to find a bail bond company that will answer to your specific needs.

Search the web for Denver bail bonds company”

Use the string “Denver bail bonds company,” or bail bonds company in Denver, Colorado. You must remember to add in Denver to localize your search. Otherwise, you will be directed to numerous bail bond companies all over the United States. You can also turn on your location services in your device and search for “bonding company near me” for a more specific search in your area. This is very important because you need a 24-hour bail bonds company that is licensed to operate at the penal institution your loved one is detained.

Once a search result is generated, look at all the possible companies that can help you with your bail bonds in Denver, Colorado. Study the location of the company thoroughly because some websites have been set to show up regardless of the location you’ve asked for. Don’t just rely on the first page. Not all reputable companies that offer bail bonds in Denver, CO are in the first page. Go deeper and take your time going through the website.  It should have details such as:

  • Description of the company
  • Counties served
  • Information on the staff
  • Reviews
  • Contact information
  • Online application

Ask for a referral from a legal rep

A legal representative, may it be private or court-appointed, can help recommend a reputable Denver bail bonds company who will be perfect for your unique situation. It’s common for a Denver bail bondsman to have connections with legal experts because of their familiarity with the law. An active bail bondsman will always be in court, talking to legal experts so that he/she will be updated with the latest developments in penitentiary and court proceedings. Also, many lawyers often deal with a Denver bondsman almost on a daily basis. He/she is your best bet to get a good bonding company, especially if your lawyer is known to be trustworthy. It is to your loved one’s advantage if his/her legal representative is in agreement with the practices of the bondsman company you wish to hire.

Check with the Colorado Division of Insurance

The Colorado Division of Insurance has an interactive report search available to the public. This allows you to get Complain Ratios about various companies, and that includes institutions that offer bail bonds in Denver. Doing this will let you know if the company that is offering you 24-hour bail bonds is trustworthy, transparent, and holds up to its promise when it will post bail for your arrestee/detainee. If your bail bonds company is registered, you have increased protection against unfair business practices such as asking for higher fees, complex payment system, and unclear contracts.


One of the most criticalfactors in a bonding company is the licensing of the Denver bondsman who will handle your case. His/her licensed should be current and legally issued by the Colorado Division of Insurance. A licensed bondsman will be able to help you process� vip bail bonds according to State rules and regulations in Denver, Colorado. This will ensure that the transaction with your bail bonds company is legal and secure.

It’s crucial that you study the bail bonds company who will handle your case. It is true that your loved one needs to get out of jail fast. However, rushing the process of screening your chosen bail bonds company in Denver, Colorado will only make the procedure longer. Especially if you happen to settle an agreement with a company who does not have your best interest in mind.

Denver VIP Bail Bonds should be the first company to call when you need express bail bonds. Our highly trained staff can make the bail process quick and easy. Contact us and feel free to call (303) 778-0026 now.

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What You Should Look For In an Arapahoe Bail Bondsman

Getting the perfect bail bondsman to help you is very important. He/she is someone who is always willing to help someone in need, especially with regards to Arapahoe bail bonds. Your situation is unique, and you need to find the right bail bondsman who is the perfect match.  This is essential because you have the risk of losing everything from your collateral and your loved one’s freedom. Here are the things you should look out for when you are searching for a bail bondsman in Colorado.

Arapahoe County bondsman license

This is the first thing you need to check before you hire your bail bondsman. If they cannot show you a valid, authentic license, run away. Either they never had one before, or they must have done something to get their licensed revoked. You can counter-check their license by searching their license number in the Department of Insurance site.

Quick and Efficient

A good Arapahoe bondsman knows the ins and outs of Centennial CO bail bonds. They are quick to act and know how to do their job the right way. Time is of the essence when bailing out a loved one. The longer they stay inside, the more they suffer. Get someone who is willing to get into the action immediately. Our bail bondsman is always ready to complete 24-hour bail bonds in Arapahoe.  He/she can get the paperwork done in a manner of minutes and can deliver the documents quickly. Depending on how busy the facility would be, your defendant will be out of jail within several hours.

Solid reputation

Look for recommendations for Arapahoe county bonds man. Check to see if there are good reviews or feedbacks about your chosen bail bondsman. He/she will be responsible for your defendant, which makes it important that you are working with someone you can trust. Do your best to find out more about your agent. Observe him/her closely and look for cues that will tell you that something is off. You can also counter-check the bail bonds agent in the Better Business Bureau and look for endorsements or complaints.


A good bails bond agent is someone who’s been around doing Arapahoe bail bonds for years. Our bondsmen has helped countless people get out of jail. Because of this, our agent is aware of the different kinds of situations of each defendant and how to get around an issue. This also means your bail bondsman is familiar with the court system in Arapahoe County.


Your bail bondsman does not havebe a lawyer, but he/she must have a solid knowledge and understanding of basic crimes. These details are essential when getting a person out of jail. You need someone who can explain the legalities about the confinement and release of the defendant. Our bail bonds agent is aware of federal and state laws, insurance policies, and property regulations pertinent to bail bonds.

Availability as an Arapahoe County Bondsman

A good bondsman is someone who is available 24/7. You’ll never know when your defendant runs into problems with their bail bond. Our bail bondsmen are available always to answer your call. We are ready to help you go through your difficult situation.


Your defendant can be aggressive, uncommunicative, or uncooperative because they were put in jail. You as a loved one can also pretty short and anxious to get your defendant out of jail. You need an Arapahoe County bondsman who can patiently explain the situation to you and keep a level head.


Your bondsman should lay out your contract clearly and precisely. The details pertaining to the fees should be straightforward, with an explanation why the charge is there. Your

Eye for detail

Bail bond details vary with every defendant. Your Arapahoe county bondsman should look closely at the defendant’s files so that he/she can differentiate your case from others. Our bail bond agents are always detail-oriented, and you will always get 24-hour bail bonds in Arapahoe.

Ability to deal with people

People skills are necessary for a bail bondsman. Getting out of jail, or helping a loved one get out of a facility is a stressful process. Your bail bondsman should be able to understand your needs and be there to support you.

Office location and appearance

Don’t choose that rogue bail bonds agent roaming around jail looking for customers. Look for a bail bondsman who has a physical office located close to the prison where your defendant is detained. The office should look clean and professional where you can conduct business transactions efficiently.

These are just some of the things that you should look out for when searching for a bail bondsman. Our bail bonds agent are all licensed professionals and possess these qualities plus more. Eliminate the stress of second-guessing and contact us now. Our lines are secure and we guarantee all conversations are confidential. Reduce the risk of being taken advantage of and let us handle your bail bond needs.

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To Get Instant Bail Bond Services In Denver?

You found out your friend/loved one is in jail, and they need to you to get them out immediately. The easiest way for you to do this is to get fast bail bonds the moment the judge has post bail. You can bail out your important person out by yourself. However, that would mean hours of work and a stressful confusing day for yourself. You’ll be roaming around almost endlessly instead of giving your time comforting and assuring your loved one. Your solution is to find bail bond servicesthat will be most suitable for your loved one’s situation. How exactly do you get instant bail bonds so that you can set your loved one free

Get the details of the arrestee/defendant

You need to get certain details from your arrestee/defendant in order for your local bail bondsman to process the bail accurately. These details are the following but may not be limited to:

  • Name, permanent address, working number – for proper identification and possibly contacting the arrestee/detainee when he/she is released from jail.
  • Date of birth – an identifying factor that may be asked occasionally by your chosen bail bondsman.
  • Case number – your detainee may be unfortunate enough to share a name with an inmate. Get the case number so that the application for express bail bonds will be accurate and exact to your loved ones.
  • Prior records – bail bonds can be affected by the track record of your arrestee/detainee. Know if he/she has been charged with anything in the past. Don’t be afraid to share this information with a bail bondsman in Denver. This will greatly affect how bail bonds in Denver Co can help your arrestee/detainee.
  • Offense – what was the offense done by your loved one? Some agents will only handle specific offenses. The offense committed by the person will also greatly affect the amount bail.
  • Detention facility – So you got a phone call, and you got all the above details. However, how can you get immediate bail if you don’t know where the person is locked up? This is important because you need to services of a local bail bonds agent who can be at your friend/loved one’s side within minutes after calling. If you can get their phone number, all the better. Sure, your bail bondsman will be able to get it for you. However, time is of the essence. It’s important that your bail bondsman will be able to contact the facility ASAP, instead of wasting valuable minutes looking up for the right number to call.

Know the amount of bail needed for Denver Bail Bonds

Generally, bail bonds in Denver are already predetermined when it comes to common violations and misdemeanors. If not, the judge usually decides the amount of bail based on the offense and history of the arrestee/detainee. Service agents for bail bonds in Denver will get their fee based on the amount of bail set.

Ask detention officers and/or lawyers

Detention officers know who will be the best jail bondsman to call when you are looking for express bail bonds. They have seen a lot of agents that handle bail bonds Denver, and most of them know which ones to avoid. Lawyers also have been in contact with more than just one bondsman in Denver because of their association with the defendant. Ask your loved one’s court appointed lawyer for a referral.

Avoid roaming agents that offer cheap Denver Bonds

You’ll often see several men strutting around the detention center trying to catch your eye – and your business. Walk around the opposite direction the moment you see them. These agents will tease you by offering cheap bail bonds, but won’t give you anything once you sign up. They usually don’t have any physical office, so you won’t be able to track them down when you or your loved one run into trouble.

Consider Agencies

Agencies know best when it comes to handling express bail bonds. Most agencies have bail bondsmen who already know how does bail work. Half of the screening has already been done for you. Most of the time, agencies hire a Denver bondsman who’s had years of experience dealing with bail bonds Denver County. They can be your support and guide you through the process within minutes.
VIP Bail Bonds have been around providing bail bonds services in Denver County for more than twelve years. Our years of experience has given us valuable insight on the ins and outs of the Court and Jail procedures. Once you give us the necessary details, we will have your bail bonds ready within minutes. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your loved one to be released from jail.
Contact us as soon as you know that you need to get someone out of jail. You don’t have to wear yourself out, stressing about the safety of your loved one. Call us at (303) 778-026 so we can start processing your much needed Denver bail bonds.

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9 Things You Should Know About How Bail Bonds Works.

Bail bond is a convenient and efficient way to help a person get out of jail. With the help of a bail bondsman in Denver, posting bail can be done within minutes, and you can see your loved one is set free within hours. However, the process can be confusing for those who are not familiar with court laws. Here are the things that you must know that can help you understand how do bail bonds work in Denver.

A person should be booked and charged before the bond is posted

A person is not instantly booked and charged upon arrest. It takes about 45 minutes to several hours before the booking is complete. Bail is set by the judge once the charges have been determined. Bail is set depending on the charges faced by the arrestee/detainee among,  how often the person was charged prior, as well as the person’s flight risk. Only then can you calculate the amount of bail bond required.

You need to know the conditions of the bail

In some instances, an arrestee can be set free without bail with Own Recognizance bond. This is signing a promissory agreement to appear in court after release. Other times, bail is denied entirely if the crime is severe (i.e., murder, drugs), the person is a high-flight risk, or is a danger to the community. You have to know the full details of the bond so that you will see what you need to have before contacting a bail bonding company.

The Colorado Division of Insurance regulates bail bonds in Denver

Each state has its own regulations when it comes to posting express bail bonds. The Division of Insurance in Colorado has stipulated that 10 percent bail bonds are the minimum premium that you have to pay to a Denver bail bondsman. Depending on the conditions of the bail and the character of the defendant, the premium can go as high as 15%.

Premium is non-refundable

Although you can get your collateral back after the court has made a decision, the premium stays with the bonding agent. This fractional amount is your payment for the services he/she has provided to bail your loved one. As your bail bondsman, the agent will take over the responsibility of making sure that your defendant appears in court. If your loved one fails to do so, the bail bonding agent is at risk of paying the entire bail amount in full.

A cosigner is needed for getting Bail Bonds in Denver

When you hire a bail bondsman, you set yourself as a cosigner or indemnitor. When you establish yourself as an indemnitor, you take on the responsibility of making sure that the defendant brings himself/herself to court.  Depending on the amount of bail, you may be required to provide collateral to cover the remaining cost of bail.

Collateral can be many things

There are different items that you can use for collateral. It can be your house or property, car, boat, jewelry, precious gems or metals, or other items that are of value. The collateral should be more than equal to the amount of the entire bail.

You should get proof of agreement and payment

The bail bondsman should explain the full details of the bail bond agreement before you agree to sign. Once both of you agree on the terms, you are required to sign a contract before the bonding agent receives your payment. You should have your copy of the contract as well as a receipt for all the fees that you pay the bondsman.

The defendant must report to the bail bondsman 24 hours upon release

The defendant must report to the bail bonding agent to fill up and sign a defendant form. The agreement contains all the duties and responsibilities of the defendant to the bail bondsman while out on bail. The conditions may include staying within court jurisdictions, avoiding acts of crime, and informing the agent of any changes in contact number or address. Depending on the severity of the case and the flight risk of the defendant, he/she must report to the bail bondsman weekly or monthly as well.

Revoking a bond is a lengthy process

You may remove yourself from being a cosigner if you feel that the defendant will skip bail or that your collateral is at risk. However, it takes court ruling for this to happen. You can release yourself from the liability if the defendant pleads guilty, or if you request the agent to revoke your bond. Doing this, however, will incur fees. Make sure that you know the person you are bailing out, and you are sure about your decision before becoming a cosigner.

Bail bonds can hold many legalities and responsibilities. If you need to bail someone out, or if you have questions about Denver bail bonds, our expert local bail bondsman will help make the process clear and simple to understand. VIP Bail Bonds is a 24-hour bail bonding company that you can trust. Contact us now at (303) 778-0026, and we’ll take care of posting bail for you.

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5 Tips for Finding Affordable Bail Bondsman in Broomfield

Although the judge is ruled by the Eighth Amendment against posting excessive bail to “punish” lawbreakers, bail can still be a heavy price to pay. A Broomfield bail bondsman can help you bail your loved one out with just a portion of the bail amount. However, there are so many bondsmen to choose from, and you need to narrow down your choices.

Check reputable listing sites

One of the ways to choose a bail bondsman is to look at directories. You can browse through Yellow Pages and see which bail bonding agent can help you in Broomfield. What’s good about Yellow pages is that you can see the address and there’s no need to go online.

Even better, check out Yelp and look for a bail bondsman in Broomfield County. From here you will learn more about the company based on the feedbacks given by the client. Sure this is not 100% reliable. However, the goal here is to become familiar with the services of the bail bondsman and the bail bonding company he/she is affiliated with.

Confirm license

A license is crucial for a bail bondsman. A licensed bondsman is mandated by the law to follow rules and regulations governing bail bonds in Broomfield County. Having a license means you can also check if the bail bondsman is ethical in providing services to his/her client. Do not push through with the deal if the bondsman refuses to show his/her credentials and prevents you from doing a bit of background check on his services.

More often than not, you will see these unscrupulous individuals roaming around detention centers and pressuring inmates and their families to get bail bond services. These are mostly posers pretending to be bondsmen but are preying on your weakness. This is a solicitation, and it’s against the law for people to approach you in jail and offer their “services.” The general rule is, no license, no business agreement.

Upfront fees

Surety bail bonds in Broomfield are often charged with 10 percent bail bonds as premium fees. Your bail bondsman should tell you openly about this, and it should be stated in the contract. To make sure you are getting the right fees, you should know from the get-go what you should be paying the court. Our bail bondsman will ask you directly the amount of bail needed and will also counter check this in the sheriff’s office. Always ask for a receipt and our bail bondsman will not hesitate to issue it.

Ask about experience

Experience is necessary because you are dealing with the legal system. An experienced bondsman will always look at the finer detail, focusing on your unique bail bond needs to provide better service. Our bail bondsman has more than 10 years of experience in providing bail bond services in Broomfield. He/she know how to prepare and finish the necessary paperwork, and all has an established network that can help speed up the process.

Availability and support

The best bail bondsman is someone who knows how to take your call past 5 pm. Urgency is the name of the game when bailing someone out, and you cannot afford to wait for the next day to post bail. There are certain conditions when getting fast bail bonds can help prevent an arrestee from getting locked up. You cannot get express bail bonds if you need to wait for the next day for the bondsman to post bail.

Your bondsman should also be considerate and compassionate about your case. He/she is your support and should be willing to go the extra mile to help you and your loved one. It’s essential that you are comfortable in dealing with your bondsman. Trust is mandatory for a bail bond agreement to be successful. If your bail bondman is showing you attitude and you are getting a good vibe, trust your instincts and ask the services from someone else.

You are free to ask anything about how do bail bonds work from our bondsman. You won’t get a brush off or an angry response. We understand that this is a difficult time for you, and adding to your stress won’t do both you and your bondsman any good.

Choose your bail bondsman carefully. One crucial mistake can mean the loss of your money, collateral, and safety of your loved one. You need to get a Broomfield bondsman who is reliable and trustworthy. Eliminate the guesswork and contact our office. VIP Bail Bonds have been serving bail bonds in Colorado for 12 years and county. You are free to check our credentials and ask about our services.

Don’t wait for your loved one to suffer any more than he/she has in jail. If bail is too high for you, all you have to do is give us a call. We have flexible payment options that will fit your needs for bail bond service. Contact us now at our bail hotline (303) 778-0026 and let us begin the process of bailing your loved one out.